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  • How much are Candle Bark Corporate Christmas Cards?
    Our Corporate Christmas Cards are in three different categories, our fabulous printed designs are the most inexpensive option, with Glittered cards the next step up and our extra special Handmade designs the most impressive choice. Each design can be found on the “Our Designs” page of our website with the category underneath. If you have a style you would prefer you can always choose this at the top to make it easier for you to find. The prices below for each category include the inclusion of your logo and printed signatures. These prices also include any customisation you would like, including adding your logo, a photograph and signatures to the design or altering the design. If you would like a custom design this is also included in the cost. There are only a couple of super special added extras we charge more for! You can choose to have your cards printed on our extra special premium shimmer paper for $1 per card or if you would like us to print your clients names inside the card we can do so for just 25c per card. We can also custom print your envelopes for a small extra cost with your logo and/or client’s addresses, starting from $1/card. You can find more info about envelope printing below under "Can you customise my envelopes for me?". We can also post your cards directly to clients for you at standard shipping rates, there’s more info about that below as well.
  • What designs are available?
    You can find all of our current Corporate Card designs by clicking on the text below OUR DESIGNS However, you are not limited to these designs! If you have something in mind and would like a custom design please just ask! Custom design is at no extra cost and we can include anything you are looking for.
  • Can I design my own/alter a design?
    Yes! There are no limitations with Candle Bark Corporate Christmas Cards! You can design your own or add anything to an existing design. We can even change existing designs to suit your corporate colours. Or does a card say “Merry Christmas” but you would like it to say “Season’s Greetings”? We can make that happen too! Just ask! We love making your cards perfect for you.
  • How much is shipping?
    Free!! We don’t charge shipping anywhere in Australia. Our orders are either shipped using Bluestar Couriers or Australia Post, depending on your location. Express shipping is available at a small extra cost, just ask. If you are located outside Australia please contact us before ordering and we will provide you with a competitive shipping quote! For more detailed shipping information please click here.
  • What greetings can I choose from?
    These are some samples of possible greetings you can choose. Or, as it says in the 4th option, simply write your own!
  • What else can I include inside the card?
    Anything! Most businesses like to include their logo inside the card. We can also print signatures for you, add a photo, include your website or information about a product/service you would like to promote. The possibilities are endless!
  • How do I send my logo?
    If you order online there is the option of uploading your logo at the time of purchase. You can also simply email you logo to us to We recommend you send us the highest quality version of your logo you have. It can be in any file format, something like a .eps or .ai file is always best but a high quality .jpg, .png or .pdf works fine as well. All care is taken to ensure your logo is printed in the best possible way, if the version is not high enough in quality we will let you know. While we make every effort to make sure your cards are perfect we do not take an responsibility for low resolution images once a proof has been approved.
  • How do I add my signatures?
    We can also print signatures inside your cards for you, to save your staff signing possibly hundreds of cards each, but still giving that personal touch. Below you can see just how good this looks. Once you have chosen your card design and greeting we will send you a card to have signed. All you need to do is ask your staff to sign it and post it back to us in the included envelope. We will then scan the signatures in and send you a final proof. If you prefer you are also able to email us a scan of the signatures. We do prefer to do the scanning ourselves because it means we can ensure a high quality finish so your clients can’t even tell your cards have not been signed individually!
  • Can you customise my envelopes for me?
    Yes! We can print almost anything you would like on your envelopes. This includes your logo and return address and/or the addresses for your clients. Envelope printing starts from $1 per envelope to have your logo and return address only on the back of the envelope. Printing on the front of the envelopes including recipients addresses costs $1.50 each and for the extra premium look (and to make your life much easier) we can print on both sides of the envelopes for $2.50 each. Printing can be in any colour to match your logo or card design. Ask us today what is possible!
  • Can you send my cards to my clients for me?
    Yes! We can custom print your envelopes, as seen above and post them direct to your clients at standard postage rates ($0.65 each within Australia, prices vary for international postage).
  • Does my Corporate card order support a Charity?
    Yes it can, if you want! Please email our team at for more information.
  • I’d like to ask a different question.
    Great! Just fill out the form on our contact page here. If you prefer you can also call us anytime on 02 9516 0926 or email
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