Handmade Designs
White Bauble
CP225 - Handmade
Watercolour Sparkle Star
CP222 - Handmade
Merry Sparkle Tree
CP223 - Handmade
Felt Stocking
CP227 - Handmade
Little Christmas Star
CP226 - Handmade
Red Baubles Handmade
CP211 - Handmade
Classic Baubles
CP38 - Handmade
Sparkly Baubles
CP133 - Handmade
Christmas Wreath
CP07 - Handmade
Pastel Tree
CP131 - Handmade
CP03 - Handmade
Scandi Present
CP129 - Handmade
Joy to the World
CP112 - Handmade
Scandi Tag
CP130 - Handmade
Silver Decadence
CP132 - Handmade
Christmas Pudding
CP128 - Handmade
Classic Tree
CP96 - Handmade
Reindeer Nose
CP06 - Handmade
Christmas Tied with String
CP98 - Handmade
Animals Under Tree
CP28 - Handmade
Christmas Bunting
CP97 - Handmade
Christmas Lights
CP59 - Handmade
Christmas Decadence
CP11 - Handmade
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